Fraser Firs


The Most Popular Christmas Tree in America and Chosen Christmas Tree Of the White House. Our live Fraser Firs have dense and luscious blue-green branches that are sturdy enough to support a wide range of decorations, outstanding needle retention and an incomparably robust evergreen scent. As the centerpiece of your Christmas decor, your fresh-cut Fraser fir will impart a uniquely gracious and natural spirit to your holiday celebrations.

Balsam Firs


As the original old-fashioned Christmas tree a Balsam Fir has several aspiring properties. It has a lovely dense dark green to blue-green foliage and its fresh-cut pleasing unique fragrance make it one of the most desirable trees on the market. When you bring it home the aroma of balsam fir fills the room. All of our trees are hand selected with special care and attention to shape, density, color and are cut at the last possible moment to ensure freshness.